Compendium of Ten Key Calculators

Here's a list of ten key calculators by brand (in progress, best first, whatever after). These (sometimes called ten key adding machines) are generally of the desktop printing variety—because really how many ten key calculators aren't?—and include all the popular brands with links to the place where you can buy them. A list without links would be kind of stupid, and I like to think I've not been there in a while, or at least since my late twenties.

Ten Key Calculators

I'm just one person. Please don't assume I've used all these calculators, because that would be wrong.


Favorite Printing Calculator

Recommended Printing Ten Key Calculator

The SHARP EL-1801PIII is actually sitting on my desk at this very moment. I haven't used a better printing calculator. In fact, I have two of these babies (if you drop the little III at the end). One at the office (1801P) and one in my home office (1801PIII).


Read a short history of adding machines at Wikipedia®

A ten-key calculator is better

...when you need to add or subtract long columns of numbers

...for doing your checkbook

...if you want to add or subtract sales tax from something

...on Fridays

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