Learn How to Touch Type on a Ten Key Calculator

I'm not going to waste your time telling you why you might need to know how to touch type on a ten key calculator. If you're here, you probably already have reasons and don't need more. So let's get right to it.

Touch typing with a ten key calculator involves using all of your fingers to press the keys without looking at the keypad. This skill can be learned through practice and repetition.

Here's how to teach yourself to touch type on your ten key calculator

Familiarize yourself with the keypad

Start by becoming familiar with the layout of the keypad. The ten key keypad is typically arranged in three columns of three numbers each, with a zero key (and possibly a double zero) at the bottom.

Position your hand correctly

Position your hand so that your fingers are resting on the middle row of keys. Most ten key calculators have a little bump on the middle key to make it easy to feel that your fingers are in the right position.

Use the correct fingers for each key

As you practice, use the correct fingers to press each key.

Practice typing drills

Practice typing drills to build your speed and accuracy. You can find free online typing drills specifically designed for the ten key calculator. Use them! Practice is key to mastering this skill!

Focus on accuracy

As you practice, focus on accuracy rather than speed. Make sure that you're hitting each key correctly before moving on to the next one. Learn to do it wrong and it will be super hard to unlearn. So take the time to practice a lot and go slowly at first, so you really get the muscle memory right. You won't regret it.

Gradually increase your speed

Once you feel comfortable with the keypad and can hit each key accurately, gradually increase your speed. With practice, you should be able to type quickly and accurately without looking at the keypad.

Remember that learning to touch type with a ten key calculator takes time and practice. Be patient and keep practicing. You'll develop the skill and confidence needed to use a ten key calculator efficiently over time. Practice, practice, practice!

Favorite Printing Calculator

Recommended Printing Ten Key Calculator

The SHARP EL-1801PIII is actually sitting on my desk at this very moment. I haven't used a better printing calculator. In fact, I have two of these babies (if you drop the little III at the end). One at the office (1801P) and one in my home office (1801PIII).


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A ten-key calculator is better

...when you need to add or subtract long columns of numbers

...for doing your checkbook

...if you want to add or subtract sales tax from something

...on Fridays

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