The SHARP EL-1801PIII Printing Calculator Is Still My Favorite

I could have upgraded to a new model, but the Sharp EL-1801P has been a little powerhouse for me and I've used it for years. I used it at the office, when I was there, and still use it at home in my home office.

The Sharp EL-1801PIII is still my favorite ten key printing calculator
Still sitting on my desk all these years later.

The Sharp EL-1801PIII ten key printing calculator is harder to find these days because it's been replaced by new models.

The EL-1801V is pretty much an identical model, so if you want to try it out, here's a pic and a link to the manufacturer's website.

Sharp EL-1801V is virtually identical to the Sharp EL1801PIII

Sharp EL-1801V at Sharp

I haven't personally used this particular calculator, because, well, I like the one I've got. But as I said, it looks virtually identical.

The only notable difference is the CHANGE button that has replaced the time/date function.

Sharp EL-1801V Features

This one features an extra-large flourescent display (just like the 1801PIII) that is easy on the eyes. It has the same assortment of keys: including cost-sell-margin, tax+ and tax-.

This printing calculator has memory + - * keys and a grand total memory key, allows for a floating decimal or a fixed decimal at 6, 3, 2, 1, or 0 places. You also get an item count in the display for extra convenience and error checking. See the image for a view of the key configuration.

Close up of key configuration

This calculator also uses printing paper, two-color printing ribbon, and an AC power supply.

Feature List

The Sharp EL-1801V is a ten key printing calculator with an easy-to-read 12 digit display, automatic three digit punctuation, and an item counter display.

Prints approximately 2.5 lines per second.

The keyboard is engineered for comfort and ease to help increase productivity and reduce fatigue.

Easy-to-Read Fluorescent Display

Prints 12 numerals in two colors with positive numbers in black and negative numbers in red.

Skulptured keys are designed for fast and comfortable use. Extra ease is provided by contoured + and - keys.

Add the grand total of several calculations such as the total prices times units on an invoice.

Cost-sell-margin keys, change key, and percent changes.

Additional features include independently accessible 4-key memory, average keys, item counter, 2-key rollover, double zero key, sign-change, and right-shift keys.

Favorite Printing Calculator

Recommended Printing Ten Key Calculator

The SHARP EL-1801PIII is actually sitting on my desk at this very moment. I haven't used a better printing calculator. In fact, I have two of these babies (if you drop the little III at the end). One at the office (1801P) and one in my home office (1801PIII).


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A ten-key calculator is better

...when you need to add or subtract long columns of numbers

...for doing your checkbook

...if you want to add or subtract sales tax from something

...on Fridays

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