An obsession with the Ten Key

Once you learn to use a ten-key printing calculator, a pocket calculator will never be good enough...

Certainly, you probably believe my statement is an exaggeration at best, a total fabrication at worst.

You might just be wrong about that.

What is a 10 key calculator?

For anyone used to a regular pocket calculator, a ten-key calculator is often a mysterious piece of junk that ignores the equals sign when you're adding and subracting numbers. If it won't add when you enter 6+2=, what good is it? you ask—and probably not in a polite tone of voice, one might add.

But you know, the ten-key calculator isn't really supposed to do that. You're wrong, the calculator's right, and that's the end of it. You scream Ahhh! and throw it across the room.

Please don't do that.

With a little patience and time, you can learn to love the quirks of a ten-key printing calclulator. Are you ready?

Okay, then. Go on over and pick up that calculator and pop the missing key back in place. Now, let's learn how to make that thing add and subtract. Maybe we'll even get some percentages out of it.

Let's go add and subtract...

Favorite Printing Calculator

Recommended Printing Ten Key Calculator

The SHARP EL-1801PIII is actually sitting on my desk at this very moment. I haven't used a better printing calculator. In fact, I have two of these babies (if you drop the little III at the end). One at the office (1801P) and one in my home office (1801PIII).


Read a short history of adding machines at Wikipedia®

A ten-key calculator is better

...when you need to add or subtract long columns of numbers

...for doing your checkbook

...if you want to add or subtract sales tax from something

...on Fridays

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