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Check out the 10 key calculator I recommend: SHARP EL-1801PIII

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Sharp EL 1197III Printing Calculator

Technical Details
12-Digit display
2 color printing
Calendar/ Clock and Time function
Grand total
AC powered

Product Description
The Sharp EL-1197P drum printing calculator is an indispensable tool forheavy offices uses. The EL-1197P has a large 10-digit blue fluorescent display and prints characters in black at 3 lines per second on standard paper rolls. The EL-1197P has four-key memory (memory plus, memory minus, andrecall/clear) and special functions keys including grand total, addingmode, constant, double zero key, mark-up/profit-margin key, item counter, androunding settings. Rely on Sharp's independent memory for consistentreckonings. Decimal settings are adjustable from floating to fixed decimalplaces (6-3-2-1-0). See more details or buy the Sharp EL 1197III Printing Calculator

Canon P160 DH Color Printing Calculator

Technical Details
2.3 Lines Per Sec
12-Digit, Large Fluorescent Display
Clock & Calendar
Tax Function Keys

Product Description
With the new Canon brings a new dimension to the desktop printing calculator line. The contemporary brushed nickel design enables the MP11DX to coordinate with a variety of office decors. The durable and spacious keyboard layout is enhanced by the sculpted key shape and provides an easy-to-operate keypad for quick entries. Two-color printing shows your entries, or use the clock and calendar function to show the time or date. Whether you are calculating sales profits or sales tax, the Canon will do it with style and ease. See more details or buy the Canon P160 DH Color Printing Calculator

Canon P23 DH miniDesktop Printing Calculator

Technical Details
Prints up to 2.3 lines per second, 2 color
12-digit display
Calendar/clock function
Cost-sell-margin and tax keys
Decimal point selector switch
Auto power off
Low-battery indicator
6.1"W x 9.3"L
AC Powered or 4 AA batteries.

Product Description
Canon P23-DH miniDesktop Calculator The next generation of portable printing calculators has arrived. The Canon P23-DH V now features a new silver metallic body design. Once again, this category of calculators delivers high performance for your everyday calculations, a clock and calendar function which enables you to view the time and date with a quick glance and perform business and sales calculations with the touch of just a few keys. The P23-DH V also comes with a built-in low battery indicator to alert you when its time to change the batteries. Simplicity, portability and convenience wherever you go. See more details or buy the Canon P23 DH miniDesktop Printing Calculator

Canon MP11DX Printing Calculator

Technical Details
12 Digits for all Calculations with Easy to Read Fluorescent display
High Speed Printer (3.7 lines per second)
Profit Margin Calculation
Clock and Calendar function
Prints black and red

Product Description
The Canon MP11DX Prinitng Calculator is the perfect solution for handling day to day business calculation tasks. This includes Profit Margin, Tax, and basic math calculations. The printing is very fast and easy to read at 3.7 lines per second. It evens prints black or red ink. Stay on top of all calculations with the built in Clock and Calendar function. See more details or buy the Canon MP11DX Printing Calculator

Sharp EL 1192BL Desktop Printing Calculator

Technical Details
12-digit LCD display with Bright Illumination
Quick and crisp 2-color printing on standard-size paper roll
Keys for tax, grand total, and markup or profit margin
Floating or fixed decimal
Item count and 4-key memory

Product Description
Sharp's EL-1192BL AC-powered desktop printer is a functional and efficient machine with a serial printer. It offers grand-total and markup/profit keys. You'll find basic calculation capabilities as well as four-key memory, floating or fixed decimal functions, add and constant modes, a +/- key, and an item counter. The serial printer prints 2.2 lines per second on standard-size paper rolls. See more details or buy the Sharp EL 1192BL Desktop Printing Calculator

Sharp EL 1750V Portable Printing Calculator

Technical Details
Large Display 12-digit LCD display with punctuation
Two-Color Serial Printer
Calendar / Clock Function
Cost / Sell / Margin Keys
Tax Keys

Product Description
The lasting qualities of Sharp printing calculators have made them favorites in homes, offices, and everywhere in between. The Sharp EL-1750PIII prints at approximately 2.0 lines/second in 2 colors (positive numbers in black, negative numbers in red) on standard size paper rolls. It also has 4 key memory, Which includes memory plus, memory minus, recall memory, and clear memory. See more details or buy the Sharp EL 1750V Portable Printing Calculator

Canon MP25DV Desktop Calculator

Technical Details
12-digit large fluorescent display
2-color printing on standard 2.25-inch paper rolls
Quiet operation
Print ON and OFF modes conserve ink
Well-spaced keys, large characters for speed and comfort

Product Description
Canon's heavy-duty MP25D desktop printing calculator is an indispensable tool for demanding offices, providing a range of functions for quick math calculations and figuring finances. You have two ways to review your calculations--the large display or the two-color printout. A 12-character display and special function keys will also increase your accuracy. The MP25D's function keys include markup/markdown, delta percent, grand total, multiple decimal point positions, item count, and non-add print. The numeral keys are large and easy to read, and you can keep running totals as you enter data. Use the rounding function to automatically round your results up, down, or off by a specified number of digits. Calculate taxes with a prestored tax rate. The MP25D provides all the basics of calculation: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, constant multiplication, division and percentage calculations, percentage add-on, and discount calculations. A two-color printer produces crisp characters, with negative numbers appearing in red and positive in black. The Canon MP25D desktop printing calculator is designed to print on standard 2-1/4-inch rolls of plain paper at 3.6 lines per second. You can switch printing off to conserve ink. See more details or buy the Canon MP25DV Desktop Calculator

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The SHARP EL-1801PIII is actually sitting on my desk at this very moment. I haven't used a better printing calculator. In fact, I have two of these babies (if you drop the little III at the end). One at the office (1801P) and one in my home office (1801PIII).


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